Protection & Direction

Maintenance, emergency troubleshooting and technical consultation services for your website

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Websites are fun and profitable, but the technologies behind them can be confusing and time-consuming, especially when things go wrong.

You have to worry about growing your mailing lists, your readership, and your customer base. You have to figure out how to sell your products and your services, and how to keep your existing audience and clients happy. Am I right?

What you don't need to worry about is why this or that part of your website isn't working or why your entire site is down or how a hacker managed to inject ads into all of your pages. You don't have time to explore the inner workings of your content management system or learn to program a computer. That just distracts you from the work you want to be doing.

Whether you're experiencing an urgent emergency, have a slew of problems to solve each month or you just need advice on how to manage your site, we're here to help you.

Need Help Now?
Click here and let us know what's wrong

Growing your own business is tough. Doing it all alone is even tougher. I was fed-up and frustrated with trying to do things on my own when I stumbled upon John Henry & Sons.

Their expertise and help have been so useful to my business that I consider them part of my team and take advantage of their monthly maintenance service. It’s just so nice knowing that there's someone ready to help whenever you need it. And quickly too! This is priceless.

—Jason Brown,

Emergency Troubleshooting

Get your site rescued from absolute catastrophe, 24/7

Maybe it was a hacker. Maybe it was a well-meaning employee. Maybe your hosting company is to blame. It doesn't matter, it just needs fixed.

You never know when your site will fall off the face of the internet, but when it does you want to be ready for it. Downtime means annoying your visitors and losing money. You don't need that.

This is why we offer 24/7 emergency services for your site. If something is going catastrophically wrong and needs to be fixed ASAP, email us. Our experts can handle even the toughest technical messes, ensuring your site will be up and running again in no time.

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Help When You Need It

Monthly retainer packages so you can focus on what's important to you

You're good at running your business. You're good at writing and growing your blog. You're good at creating products and selling services. You can't afford to waste your talents on tech support.

We offer monthly retainer packages so you can ignore your website maintenance and focus on what matters to you. We'll keep your site updated and secure, bail you out in an emergency and make the changes you need for your site to grow and flourish.

Email us using the button below and let us know about your site and your needs. We'll get back to you with all the details about how we can help!

Monthly Maintenance
Tell us about your site and we'll tell you how we can help

Technical Consultation

Get help when you need it, learn what works best for your site

You can grow your site and manage it as well as anyone, but sometimes you need a little outside help to see the bigger picture.

With email support and consultation, we'll help you connect your professional goals with the technical needs of your site. This ensures that your site will help you achieve all you want as soon as possible without slowing you down or hindering you.

Need help in this regard? Email us using the button below and ask us anything you'd like. We'll let you know how we can help!

Tech Consultation
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Who We Are

John Henry & Sons is a team of designers, developers and tech support headed by me, J. D. Bentley.

J. D. Bentley

This business is named for my great grandfather, John Henry Bentley; his son, Buddy; my father, John Michael; and me. I come from a long line of outstanding men who gave muscle and blood to help their families, friends and community.

John Henry was a farmer and banjo player whose hammer bent and molded the shells of warships during World War II. Buddy was a lifelong mechanic who did cheap body work for neighbors who couldn't afford going anywhere else. John Michael is a truckdriver and an armchair historian who volunteered to beat back the flames of Appalachian brush fires while protecting his fellow firemen from stealthy copperheads escaping the blaze.

It is from this spirit and tradition of service I hope to serve others with what I do best. That's why this site exists. That's why I want to help.

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